Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Space of Time

The last several years have been so amazing for me.  They were filled with challenge and joy at the same time.  I took a complete break from my work as a designer and maker of Gwendolyne Hats a small hat business in Toronto Ontario.  To make the change happen, I had to close a wonderful studio in a very special late 1800s Toronto downtown warehouse that I had spent 18 years in.  It took 4 months to put things in order and when it was all done my new life began.

As a creator one has many objects and materials to inspire creation. I took 2 years and removed myself from those things. My time was spent with family and friends.  I took Web design courses to learn more about the back end of building websites.  Life was different and refreshing. Last year was very tough as my mother passed on early in the year.  How different we are when our parents have gone and we are still standing. Then the Love of my Life had a massive heart attack in the summer.  I watched him die before me, and then get brought back to life.

I now know it was time for me to reset my life and make a home with a studio so that my life could be engaging for me and those I love. Even though last year was the most challenging for me in my life, I was given the clarity that our lives are totally unfolding as according to a predestined plan.  We change our life when it is necessary and it is only afterwards we see that there is always inner guidance for our journeys. I am back to being a worker bee creating forging and feeling the support of our universal community.